Chicken Meal Prep 

I find myself not really having anything to eat if I don’t do any meal prep. There isn’t much time to prep and cook when you have a baby fussing at you wanting his lunch now. I am not the best at meal prep. I’m not very good at meal planning either. The other day I bought almost 3 pounds of chicken tenders and thought there has to be a lot I can do with this. So I decided to split the chicken to thirds. One third I cooked with some salt and garlic powder for future chicken quesadillas. The other third I marinated in bbq sauce for a future lunch or dinner. I can just pair it with veggies and roasted potatoes or put it in a sandwich or pita. The last third I froze but plan on using it for some chicken stir fry for dinner one of these days, which I can marinate during another day when my baby is napping.


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